About Us

SafetyPicture.com is a sister company of SafetyPosterShop.com. While the posters are intended for printing, the pictures provided at Safety Picture.com are intended to reach mobile users who read Instagram, Facebook and other social media sites, emails, and messaging apps such as Whatsapp, and other online medias.

We use artworks adapted from SafetyPosterShop’s collection, and optimized them for web usage. Due to limited space and different character of the media, the information in some pictures might be shorter compare to the poster version. New artwork is added regularly every week.

The pictures here are available for branding. So safety managers , safety consultants, and safety trainers can use the pictures to reach their audiences with their branding and contact address / numbers on the pictures.

And remember, the pictures are only reminders on how to deal with the health and safety issues in the workplace, they do not replace training and hands-on experience.