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Pricing & Discount

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How To Buy

How to buy

1. To purchase, simply click ADD TO CART button below each displayed item. Your selected item will be added in your SHOPPING CART at the sidebar.

2. When you have finished shopping, click CHECK OUT button in your shopping cart. Then you will be taken to a checkout page provided by Paypal as the payment processor.  If you do not have a PayPal account, just select the option to pay with a credit card on the checkout page (for some countries Paypal requires you to create an account).

3. After your payment has been processed succesfully, you’ll be automatically directed to a page where you will submit your logo image and the text that you want to place on the picture. The text can be your website address, social media links, or company name, and/or contact number.

4. After receiving your data and payment, we will process your order. We will send the download link of your purchased items to your email in 24 hours time.

What You Will Receive

In 24 hours after you placed your order, you will receive the ready-to-use safety pictures with your logo and name on them, sent to your inbox.

All pictures were optimized for web usage. They are in JPEG format, RGB color, 72 dpi, and in the size of 1080 x 1080 pixels (square) or 1080 x 1350 pixels (portrait) , depending on the length of its content. These sizes are perfect for Instagram feed post and other social media sites.

Source files are not included.

Standard vs Exclusive License

There are 2 options of license when you order a picture. The default is STANDARD license, and the other is EXCLUSIVE license.

The difference is :

  • When you buy EXCLUSIVE license, we will take the pic down from our website so it won’t be available for others in one whole year since the date of your purchase. So we can’t sell it anymore in 365 days and you don’t have any competition for one year. This license might be good for you who are promoting a specific safety campaign and don’t want others to have the same materials at the same time. After one year, we will re-display the artwork on this website to make it available again for others. You still can use the picture but it is open now for others to use the same picture.
  • When you buy STANDARD license, the product is not limited to one buyer only. You may find the same image is being used by others as a part of their safety awareness campaign.

All licences come with these terms of usage:

  • You MAY use the pictures in your (or your client’s) social media sites, websites, blogs, emails, messaging apps, ebooks and digital training material.
  • You MAY NOT claim any product as your own.
  • You MAY NOT resell it on any site.

For EXCLUSIVE license, we will issue the license in PDF format with the buyer’s data and validity period in it. For STANDARD license we don’t release any document.

Carousel Pics / Image Slider

Some pictures were designed to be used as a carousel post or sliding images. You can identify them from the title; they have the same titles but with extra numbers behind, such as these :
(1/3) means the first pic from a set of 3.
(2/3) means the second pic from a set of 3.
(3/3) means the last pic from a set of 3.

Other Languages Version

We cater your need for other versions in your languages. Simply contact us at and submit your translation for the picture you want. We will create the new version for FREE, no extra charge. You will be sent the draft first for checking. If everything’s correct then we will upload it into our site, and you will be given the link to purchase. Allow 1-2 days for us to prepare the draft.

Custom Design

We provide a custom design service for you who want a specific messages and artwork tailored to your need. For such service, the final artwork belongs to you as the buyer. You have the right to use the artwork any way you want, whether it is for private or commercial usage.

Error Handling

If for any reason your download link is broken, or the file is corrupted, or if you find any other types of errors, please let us know, send an email at or use the contact form on this site, and we will respond to you promptly.

 Please also read Terms and Conditons